Monday, April 9, 2007


This one on my watchlist because as I've said many times,it's the kind that have been a squeeze/volume/breakout recently.
A sq/vol/br on 3/30 with a volume increase of 1.3 mil shares from previous day 77k this one started to hit the hod list with big vol at around 3.15 and was alerted.
About half an hour later it hit it's hod of 4.60.


tr said...

I've happenned upon your blog the last few days. Sat in on the chat yesterday.

May I ask, Mr Muddy, what is hod?

Anonymous said...

High Of Day

Alok said...

Muddy, appreciate your support. i think your an awesome trader too, with excellent timing which is why i have your blog as one of my favs. havent posted here before, but i visit your site regularly. the problem i have is that i have good ideas, i pick the right stocks but my timing SUCKSSS, like big time. either i get in too late or i sell too early. and i just don't know how to correct that. small things like this frustrate me to no end. i want to become a full time trader, but with these kind of mistakes i'll just be another fly on the wall, waiting to be squated by the big guys. and i think i'm smarter than that.

JakeGint said...

Hey Muddy,

Nice site... I'll be stoppin' by. Drop by the MAS man's place when you can.

Thanks for the advice. Always trust a pooch man.