Saturday, February 24, 2007


Mentioned as a watch for 2/20 at .43 this stock ran an amazing 167% in 4 days with a MAJOR volume move.
As stated in an earlier post today:
"I've also stated how so many stocks BEGIN their career as a big time stock from these sq/vol/breaks."
This is one we might look back on 2 months from now and say, wow, it broke out at .64 on 2/20 and look at it now.
Or maybe it'll go right down the drain as a few of them do, but it'll be interesting to watch.
And that for me is what keeps this fun, you just never know


Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy,
I would like to ask how you got WITM on your watchlist. Was it based on 29-30 Jan activity? I’m asking because I found very difficult for me to trade sq/vol/breaks the next day their are shown by filter. I can’t come to some reliable intraday pattern. Do you trade them from HOD?

What I’m trying now is to keep a list of them and follow them closely when they retreat to MZ. Here I look for long bottom tails or days with small day range showing end of a decline. Then I watch next day for green and sma10/60 cross. The disadvantage is a lot of effort in following these potential candidates.

Can you explain a little bit if and how you trade sq/vol/breaks the next day?

Thank you for any light on this and for all the previous lessons. Just by following you and mary4money for the last 4-5 months I learned … 10 books wouldn’t cover ;o)
Best regards


p.s. In some post you replied that to thank you the person should take dog from a shelter. Well, in Sep we found sick 2 weeks old cat which we saved. In Oct we took a dog with 4 puppies 7 days old, growth them and found new homes for the puppies. Our family is now 1 cat 3 dogs (2 we already had before) my wife and me. So, thank you once again ;o))

Anonymous said...

3/10/2007 7:10:06 PM

Hi BP,

I put stocks which hit my sq/vol/br on a watchlist for as long as up to 20 days as long as they maintain a decent volume.
I consider a trade on them in various ways,a pullback into the MZ(sma20,ema13)with a pop on volume,a flag pattern or just a continuation with a ubb walker on higher than avg volume.
And yes I see them on the scrolling HOD which I stalk constantly while I'm trading.
For me it's very important to keep these on a watch for up to 3 weeks because many will breakout again nicely and some b/o big.

Look at the WITM chart on 1/30,up 17% on a vol increase from 366k to 1.8 mil it gained for another week then fell into the MZ and on the 14th day it popped huge on a vol increase from 700k to 2.5 mil.
Then it soared over 100% in just 4 days and then retraced to the MZ again and on the 13th day this time on another vol increase gained 24%.
Each time it started to move I saw it near it's start on the HOD list.
Some like LJPC which hit the scan as a watch for Fri after gaining over 30% on vol from 71k to 3.3 mil jump the next day which is why I watch them from day 1.
I caught this early on the HOD list and at it's hod Friday was up an incredible 66% from it's close on Thurs.

BP, if you can make it into my chat one day next week let me know in the chat you're in the room and I'll talk with you there.
I'll try to help you out with your entries,

I think it's a wonderful thing you did for the sick cat and the dog and her puppies.
That makes me feel really,really good which with the way I love animals.
Thanks so much!