Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been preaching about BB squeeze/volume increase/price breakouts (aka sq/vol/br) for years and how they can give awesome opportunities for long/swing/day trades.
I've posted filters to find them and from time to time post lists I'm watching and how if you are interested as I am in momo stocks, how important these lists are to journal.
I've also stated how so many stocks BEGIN their career as a big time stock from these sq/vol/breaks.
A few recent examples, look at MSI 11/15 at .97, JADE 1/12 at 5.65, CYTR 1/19 at 2.08 and ROHI 11/2 at 1.65 (look at that vol increase from 118k to over 4 million).
Believe it or not there are bunches of them just like that every month.

Anyway,over the last year I've searched to find blogs that trade similar to how I do and have found only a couple that were even close.
But now I've stumbled across a blog that trades and believes in almost exactly the same methods I do.
So if you are interested in this type of trading do yourself a favor and checkout Stockbee.
I've added a link over to the right.

This fellow does an incredible amount of work keeping this blog updated every day.
My hat's off to him ........ A recent excerpt:

Fast Moving Stocks

At any given time there are handful of stocks which make a fast and furious move in a compressed time frame.You can look at the move in a day, week,month, quarter, six month, and a year. Now if you know 20 stocks were up more than 50% in month that is a very valuable information. Similarly if you know 96 stocks were up 200% or more in 260 days, it gives you a clear idea about the kind of potential possible in the market.

If you are a day trader potentially if you get in to the best moves in a day, the rewards can be astronomical. Similarly for a swing trader the advantage of finding such moves is low risk entry and best utilisation of the capital. Same concept applies to long term traders.


Stock Rake said...

Yeh I've been to StockBee and have been doing some searches for great fundamental stocks with floats under 25 million. According to this guy's site stocks tend to have their greatest moves % wise of the entire life when under a 25m float.

Now there might be a float crossover type strategy :) say from 9 to 10m?

Anonymous said...

Well,you might be right,there may be a crossover strategy at some point in the float changeover from a certain % to another.
All I know is that many low floaters can run hard and fast,but both ways,up and down so take care trading them.
Anyone interested in a good site to find low floaters:

Anonymous said...

Can you please briefly explain what is float... 'low float' stocks respectively. How are they defined?

Thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

Float and low float as described by Stockbee: