Thursday, January 4, 2007

USSE watch for 01.05.07

Saw USSE moving near close, but with work, I can't post much. This is one I was watching a month or two ago, a reverse merger I think. Former symbol was LFZA. After I saw it running, I checked and saw news.

Notice the first oval, not a 10/60 cross, but if you were already in, you would still be in until the sell cross, which never happened. So you would hold. If for some reason you were following this and looking for entry, you would wait for a definite opening when one line pulls away from the other . Second circle at EOD. Look at the volume spiking at close!!

This is a penny stock (which I rarely trade) and is not a recommendation to buy, but will be fun to watch. I think this one is gonna fly.

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Mike said...

Great site...learning everyday.

Good luck in '07!