Thursday, November 30, 2006


Re: Question

The way i play these is in 90% of the cases i ONLY play the ones from
my Favs List,plus i do not need the candle directly in the ema13/sma20
zone,its nice if it is but i only need a TOUCH of either the ema13 or
sma20 ....
See URZ on 11/15 and 11/28 and TGEN 11/21 and 22 for examples of this
i want at least near the 22 day vol average and i want GREEN on the
stock before i enter.
i also like to see a white candle pierced by the UBB in the last 10
days OR a "floating" red candle above the UBB within that timeframe

One that fits today 12/1 is TAG although not on fav list it has 4 down days in a row and 7 red candles,you'll need green hold here

--- In, mi jen ... wrote:
> What am I looking for after a retracement below the
> 13EMA and above the 20SMA? Volume, cross over, rsi etc.

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