Tuesday, December 12, 2006


high on my list of go on GREEN for 12/12 are :

LBTS - needs better vol than the last 10 days but a watch because it got hit again today and fastk now under 10 and it ran big in that situation on 10/16

URRE - 3 days down but still clinging to the MZ,this one runs when it gets going.

UNWK - hit the last 2 days,very close to the MZ, if it catches green it can go big at times,very good dayranger.

ISON - 3 red candles but another clinging to the MZ,vol better than in last week, a former sq/vol/break 11/20

AQUA - need a tight bid/ask,was a big momo play last week,now in the MZ

EFJI - huge white candle ,bb's clamped down on it 12/5 suggesting a move that it got yesterday, pure momo play,huge vol increase Monday. Closed eod very strong,might gap some at open,watch for $7 break

MEMY - Huge dayranger gave back it's gains Monday, still in tight bb squeeze,may hold gains today.

XNN - Not out of UBB yet, a threat at the $4 cross it hit at eod.

MKTY - hit the last 7 days yet fastk still pretty high on it,seen ones like that have a good run on green, in the MZ still

wait for GREEN or whatever indicators you use.

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