Saturday, December 23, 2006


Any filter i play i use a 3-4% mental initial stop and same with the trailing stop.
With this filter you should always wait for GREEN hold and watch not only the ones that hit the filter for today but the failures from the last 3 days.To do this date offset 1,2,3 days and look for the ones in red or very small green.These "fails" have a good success rate when they hold green finally.
So for Tues you have the 7 from Fridays results plus fails ESCL TRMM WGDF CUP BPA RBY, a very manageable list of 13. Remember you can't take any filter i post just on sight results alone because it is ONLY a play on green hold,like you see for Fri ESCL was a big loser,that is actually very GOOD. It opened red and never came close to green.The farther they fall as a fail many times the bigger the gain they produce once they hold green.Anyone familiar with our old chatroom associated with the Stockfetcher/Muddy method yahoo group,BNG,will remember how we used to actually hope for a few of the matches to continue not only to fall over the next few days but get hammered.

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