Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Of the 20 stocks listed in the High Flag 12/15 post, today there were HAYZ 4% GNVC 38% MAMA 7% SKNN 11% NYNY 4% ALIF 15% TSTC 11% and for the 3 day gains there are NYNY 12% ALIF 19% MAMA 35% TSTC 40% GNVC 56%.

These are volatile stocks i watch/play,please remember that if you are newer to trading,they can run big in a very short time, and being volatile they can fall just as fast.
Always use the stop of your choice and only play these very small until you have the confidence to do otherwise.

Remember until the stock has broken the flag pattern it should be kept on watch for a new entry.
Some like SKNN will break that flag pattern to the downside but the good news is that many of these, like SKNN did, then turn into ZONE ( ema13/sma20 ) plays.


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