Saturday, March 14, 2009

Huge Contest Coming Up in Apri!

The next contest will be a members only contest for members of that are signed up by April 12th. No free trial members, sorry but folks on their 14 day trial period at that time are not eligible. You have to be a paying member at the start of the contest and at the end of the contest. All members as described are eligible, even Mods. If you aren't currently a member, join up by emailing and asking for current specials.

Details of the contest challenge to be announced in the next few weeks. The contest will begin on April 13th. This gives you plenty of time to sign up as a member.

The winning prize will be......... the profit on $5000 worth of FAZshares! (Hey, I keep the original FAZ shares, you get the profit over that if any!) The moves this stock makes, this could be giant. Here's the deal: I buy $5000 of FAZ in my account. Any gain over $5000 at the end of 4 months (close on August 7th) that FAZ is worth, you keep.
If FAZ is worth less than $5000 at the end of 6 months, you lose nothing, I take the hit.
Plus if FAZ is worth less, you will receive as a consolation,1 free year of INO TV Trading Seminars and a free one year subscription to!

So you really can't lose and stand to win huge if FAZ zooms in those 4 months.
This is just a thank you our members who have supported us these last 3 months.

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