Saturday, January 31, 2009

INO TV Trading Seminars

You may have seen the INO trading seminar link at the top of the page here. INO TV is a super resource for trading seminars and education on all types of trading. Daytrading, options, forex, etc.

They have over 500 titles and it's only $99 per year for unlimited access. Great deal imo. Check it out if you're looking for some trading education.


bluecollartrader said...

I've seen a number of free seminars through them, although I didn't have access to the entire library. I think they were older seminars but still interesting, informative, and relevent. They were on the "Saturday Seminars" section of their site. In particular, I liked the one with Linda Raschke. I think the newest seminars are the ones you pay for.
If you're a bargain hunter or just on a tight budget like me, check out the free seminars before buying.

bluecollartrader said...

Just to clarify my above post: you have to go to to get to the free stuff... scroll down while looking on the right for "Saturday Seminars."