Saturday, January 3, 2009



Ranked from highest ADR30 to lowest after they hit the ADR10 above 10% scan.


Anonymous said...

wish you had stayed on your own brother.

Anonymous said...

I liked things much better before you merged with IL. You both have your own skill set though.

I will always be grateful for what you have taught me Mudd, lighter, laura.

Thank you.

navyblue12 said...


Anonymous said...

Do you really need this money ? So I guess you don't make that much money day trading dude !!

John said...

Good luck with your new endeavor. My best wishes. I just hope the extra subscription money doesn't lessen your motivation to help us all. :) I also wish you had some special package for Students. That would be real nice.

Thanks Laura/Muddy/IL.

salem said...

He posted Dayrangers and people are still nagging?

What's with you people? More power to him, I say!

Anonymous said...

Dude it's lunch money (atleast for me, i live in NYC)..... All the best Muddy, Laura and, IL.

Anonymous said...

what just happened to the chatroom??? been in for months and one day to the next it's gone subscription only? the thrill of it was a bunch of traders sharing alerts and information in a free and disciplined fashion. guess it was just too good to last.

Anonymous said...

how come there wasn't one mention last week in the chatroom about it converting to subscription-only come sunday night???

the26er said...

Yeah, this is pretty disappointing - not like a one sided affair like Timmy where he just handfeeds everyone. The chat had many people giving alerts, and many offering help to new people long after the final bell rang (myself included) - I personally had many PM discussions with newbees to try to help them out and advise them. The community and combined knowledge is what a chat is about, not a money grab. I'm not about to pay money to help other people now, and it is in my nature to help (I ran my own chat for a year helping others to the best of my ability). Shame really, but best of luck.

Anonymous said...

absoluetly agree 100 percent 26er, I did my great share of helping people out in pm and private messages, what did I get out of it a 40 buck a month charge. I guess what do you expect nowadays with everyone so greedy. Only the mods matter, or the ones paying now.

Anonymous said...

So much for community. I really liked the chat, it was low key, had a great community, everyone helping each other out. Great after hours discussions. You can't charge for community, it will be different now. It feel kinda sad to me, it is so hard to find and keep a community going these days, I don't understand the feeling like it has to pay or cost something or its not worth anything. O well, I will miss it.

Dostoy said...

I can see charging for seminars and stuff but you are all right the chat was a community and it feels weird seeing it go.

a GOS community member said...

I feel a little bamboozled. I've watched the chat and this community grow while it was still on GOS. The minute it transferred to, more and more users came, mass off topic interruptions came, and all of a sudden IL started acting like he was the king ding of the "GOS community"! I deeply respect the amount of time and insight put in by all the mods but WTF! It's $40 a month for long term friends of the chat, but If you don't join within 14 days, it looks like friendship doesn't mean s*it.

What a shady way of starting a business. I can't help but think that IL's greed is the dominating force behind this decision.

Why did no one mention this in any sort of friendly manor? It was just another negative surprise for your community, facilitated by the InvestorsLive merger. Did you really get in bed with IL for the money?

Your hard work may be worth something, but you guys have gone about this in a way that has hurt many peoples feelings. At the end of the day I would gladly pay for the services of "many" people in this chat, but I really feel like you've soured the milk on this one.

oulous said...

I can't say if the proper momentum will take place but anyone who wants to is welcome to join a free skype chat trading room. Follow the link or go to my blog by clicking on my name.

Eric said...

Sad to see it move to this.

This is def not Muddy & Laura's idea. They always have been very helpfull and giving.

the26er said...

Oh well, is and always will be free with just as many quality traders (few shorts though).

What they will discover is likely much more selfishness and much more whining - pay for a service, if it goes foul, you will blame the leader much more vocally. Also, as I said, why give help if you have to pay to be there - pretty much anyone that pays will just sit there and harass for answers and do nothing but mirror trade now - bye bye community and level playing field...IMH

If this wasn't what muddy/laura wanted, then why cave in? Not like their hands are tied (unless they wrote up some crazy contract when they started IL)...hell, they can use my old chat platform if they need a place to start over!

bluecollartrader said...

He gave us a lot of guidance and he gave us the "method," which, by the way, is still valid and still available free of charge (as of now).
Listen to the message... He's "telling" us to go and why shouldn't he... he's given us all we need to prosper! I intend to do just that.
I'm grateful for what was given to us. Too bad about the way it was implemented though... could have been a more gracious transition for those of us who bought into the "community" aspect of this but that's our problem for buying in. He owed us nothing... and despite what we may have created in our minds, we were not his friends. We were liquidity to possibly move a stock or future subscription clients.
That's the way of the capitalist world and it's the worst way, except for all the others!

Dar said...

I'm not going to make any assumptions on the transition to a paid chat room. I'm still just grateful for the watch list--I made some nice trades with MNI, GGP, and UIS today.

Thank you, Muddy et al!

Anonymous said...

All you people on the comments section are unreal you are screaming about $10 a week for an amazing amount of knowledge. Haven't you noticed the time they have put in helping you folks every hour of the day? I am a member I'm not going to be a little baby about it and complain they are organizing seminars and information so everyone can learn the same stuff. You are ALL selfish if you think that's unfair. Extremely selfish to think any of them are bad people for what they are doing they go and continue to go OUT OF THE WAY for everyone. Do you realize how much time goes into it? Selfish little pricks expecting someone to work for you 15 hours a day. Good luck to all traders though! you can find me in the chat room

one things for sure now I can see the alerts and not have to deal with all the noise from you idiots everyone whose there wants to make money

Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy and Laura,

Too bad, you are lured for the little money. I remember Laura said Muddy rejected 200k annual service for a firm.

Chat room should go free. Period.

Anyone take the initiative to open another free chat room?

Thanks Muddy/Laura for all your work in the past!


Anonymous said...

"Too bad, you are lured for the little money. I remember Laura said Muddy rejected 200k annual service for a firm."

That was $250k

"Chat room should go free. Period."

That's your opinion,do you put in 30hrs+ charting,blogging,being in the chat AFTERHOURS for hours explaining stuff?
Or being in premarket at 8am,trying to find the best plays on open for everyone?
Do you even know what it is like going over the same thing with the same folks day after day when it's obvious that they have never read into the GOTS blog?
Do you know what it is like trading 45 years and maybe wanting to wind down and just teach?
There will be seminars for subscribers every weekend, probably at least 2 hours long.
All in all it's alot of hours put into this
Everything I use is right here on GOTS.
Read it,learn if YOU have the initiative.
Leave a comment here what you don't understand,I'll answer.

"Anyone take the initiative to open another free chat room?"

Here,I made it easy for you,from darkside comment:

Blogger defenestration said...

Hey everyone, just wanted to get a high visibility post here on darkside regarding Oulous' new chat.

Trade Your Mind - a free public Skype trading chat hosted by Oulous

you'll have to download the Skype client application to access the chat - Skype is actually a great platform for this (keeps an infinite log for you that you can easily search!), other than the fact some may have problems with accessing it through work firewalls and so forth

also, in case the location of the chat or platform ever changes, here is a link to oulous' blog -

Just for the record, Muddy himself pm'ed me the other day and suggested I post this on here, so don't get all riled up or something.

Hope to see you all in the chat!

See,I suggested he post a link to a free chatroom...THAT'S HOW MUCH I KNOW OUR'S IS THE BEST

danny921 said...

I have read all the comments "pro & con" here and for what it is worth, I'd like to add my "2 cents" regarding the new paid chat room format. Simply stated: With all the new fees and expenses imposed everyday, I, like most people don't like paying for anything I don't really need too! However in this case, I agree with the previous "Anonymous" person's entry [posted January 05, 2009 7:52:00 PM]:

"All you people on the comments section are unreal, you are screaming about $10 a week [or just $2/day] for an amazing amount of knowledge."

That my friend[s] is an understatement ! ! ! In my humble opinion, the "knowledge", "advice" and "Muddy's 45 years worth of experience" is absolutely priceless. When other rank and file stock geniuses post their
hype about this 'stock program' or that 'special newsletter', they usually want
us to pay an "arm and leg" for minimal information. This on the other
hand is cheap at half the price ! ! !

I get emails everyday from various stock gurus and/or self-proclaimed experts willing to give me their latest "Hot Stock Picks" or can't do without "Newsletters" which may/may not provide the acclaimed results they so arrogantly predict. Case in point, I just received this email advertisement today:

[Headline reads:] "Introducing My No. 1 Recession-Proof Stock for 2009"

“As the economy slows, I think this money magnet could rise even higher than my last big recession-stomper, which handed my readers 721% gains and 268% dividend growth in just 9 years. Once you read about this company’s 54% quarterly earnings growth, you’ll quickly understand why we’re targeting a double in the next 12 months.”

Then after a litany of useless information which invariably is a complete waste of my time, we get the bottom line 'price tag' for all this so called good advice:

"But when you join me for two years, you'll save $290 and get 24 monthly issues for only $189."

Now does any of this hype guarantee you'll learn anything [like what "Investors Underground" is going to teach you] or make you any real money? NO, NATA, ZERO, ZILCH! The author only gets richer while we as innocent victims keep getting poorer and usually left holding the bag!

I apologize in advance for what some may perhaps characterize as a useless rant of my own. But by the same token, I'm more than a little bit annoyed by all the negative energy posted here begrudging "Investors Underground" their rightful monthly fee and how many selfish individuals wish to keep on getting something for nothing.

Muddy, Laura, IL and the Muddy has so aptly stated, spend an inordinate amount of time [daily & weekly] preparing and blogging "valuable stock information" for all of us which many in the past have apparently taken for granted. Yes, it use to be "free" but now they feel "burned out" and/or feel this "valuable information" is worth something. And indeed it is...

So in conclusion, [EITHER] go pay big bucks to some other stock market scammer for questionable results and stop complaining.....[OR ELSE]....

Like the rest of us, pay your fair share to "Investors Underground" [the price they all richly deserve anyways] to continue receiving the "BEST DARN '_R_E_A_L__T_I_M_E_' STOCK ADVICE" anywhere on the Internet.

One last comment, if I may: IL...I love the new website design...great job!!!