Monday, June 16, 2008


MYSL- the “manip” look

HYHY- the highest dayranger last week on over a buck stocks,been a broke $2 to the downside.short biased but on green over 2 might have a good up run there.

HDLM- 25 out of last 100 days it’s run over 10% in a day.also a few week pump.right on even $2,you know what i mean?? Oh and Walmart mentioned in it’s pr,it’s going to die i think…soon

BSHF- a “re pump” from 6/2 newsletter.way short biased on this.

SORC- another pump ( don’t ya love this? )and it worked but it’s just over $2 now and a red floater..hmmmm,take ‘er down

JADE- up big Friday,need I say more,dogmeat this one.way short biased.If this one ain’t red on Monday i’ll give Tim all my watches for free! ooops already do, Hey,lucky you Tim!

GSOL- trying to bounce off piggy bottom ..sorry ain’t gonna on that fluffy news ..anytime you see “Arab” mentioned in a “big” p/r you know it’s going down.

RNIN- was a great momo Friday but it’s back to reality.Short biased.

HPOL- nice 2 day run,might have more,hoping it does near 3 soon,may be good short hold if it hits that level and doesn’t break it.

ASFI- held strong Fri after being a late pre hit,up nice last 2 days,hate to use the word scalp but I see it in this one.

CYXN- a “re pump”,let it run,was nice short on red last time.

MMPI- I love trading this big dayranger,up down up down,so now we have 2 ups,what’s your guess Monday,mine’s DOWN

DLA- any stock that has the big p/r that moved this tied to Junkfood and BabyGap in the same sentence,well you know.

GNOLF- famous for promo pumps ( that never worked,ha )this is actually starting to run big,a double since last pump 5 days ago.let it run more or take a chance special on red short.watching careful.

VVTV- this is a real bow wow did a bounce on guess it won’t come close to holding $4. liking for longer term short,bark bark

OEDV- pumped,ran,went red,vol dying.short biased a few days or more imo.

PGOG- a mention by Beacon research,that ain’t good.short biased for sure

GETG- was a pump,got feeling it can’t hold 2.20 for long

PCYC- great daytrader,2 days up off dump,i’m long green/short red.short biased though.

APIO, 7 ups on a pump (tired of saying that word but they are all around us )flat last 2 days,vol fading,might be a nice longer term short.

SCEY- A know promo pump ripped Friday on 1.3 mil the bottom ,would like to see it run its brains out,then short time on red.

PBOF- another junker that had “Peru” in its pr,really fluff nursery plant news.8 up days in a row from .20 to .42, great short watch on red imo.

RFIL- earnings play up big big Friday but still off hods nice and low vol.really don’t like to short the e/r ones but it broke 8 to the downside.gotta be short biased for me.



slotmonkey said...

Right on 13th. Now we can load them up into our software plenty of time before market opens. Might want to add TLB to the shorts list as it was kicked out by the short filter along with ASFI which you already have.
JADE I had scoped out already, the 21% move Friday was way overdone.

Your contributions are appreciated mucho.

slotmonkey said...

Also looking for a dead cat bounce from MAXY after the 28% drop Friday which imho was big overreaction.

13th said...

You're welcome , Slot

TLB has real nice dayrange for an over $10 stock.
I'll watch it,the candle is far out of the UBB too.

I saw MAXY the other day warned that Amgen may elect to sue them for patent infringement.
If Amgen comes out in the next few days and says they decided against the suit, MAXY could fly imo.
I got it on watch,thanks

Will said...

Mike_13th, when you are watching the HOD list on Scottrade what are you looking for in that list? Are you looking for the stocks that are hitting new 52 week highs or say stocks under $5?

13th said...

Hi Will,

52 week highs somewhat but mostly ones on my 5 scans I run nightly/weekly.
And very importantly the ones I know are former runners.
By running these scans every day you get to know a ton of symbols that have the potential to run much more than the average stock when it hits the hod list

Here's a post by Muddy about former runners and the hod list

Will said...

Ok thanks. I started to get the hang of it a little more throughout the day.

johnnyvento said...

ASFI on the red floater list now after its sweet ride from 10 down to 9 and back up. Could do the same thing Tuesday.

slotmonkey said...

Hey where's Tuesday's list? You're not going to quit after one list I hope.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank 13th Floor, Muddy and Laura (Not necessarily in that order. LOL!) for all their extensive efforts in establishing, maintaining and contributing to this site.

It is truly extraordinary to see such generosity and openness. Especially in this business.

The spirit or this community draws me like a magnet. For me, it came along 'just in time'.

While trading FT in the market takes sooooo much time and effort, Muddy, Laura and 13th Floor have still taken the time to help others.

Here's to you Laura, Muddy and 13th Floor!


Badger The Lion said...

Check out OPMR $1 million block share trade on Thursday volume spike.

Matthew said...
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