Saturday, May 31, 2008

Awesome Back to Back Calls

13th was on fire this week. He called MESA on Thursday and LGND on Friday at the beginning of their runs. In fact he called them before the mass pile on really started and caused them to rocket. He picked up both moves SOLELY from watching the Scottrade scrolling high of day list. Once again, this is the power of learning stock symbols over time. The more scans you run, watchlists you follow, the better you get at seeing the "pop" on a symbol you know.

Here's MESA:

(May 29-12:03) 13th_FLOOR: MESA little pop .535

(May 29-12:05) 13th_FLOOR: MESA another pop .56

(May 29-12:09) 13th_FLOOR: MESA .58

(May 29-12:09) 13th_FLOOR: .60

(May 29-12:09) 13th_FLOOR: .61 ha

(May 29-12:10) Laura: MESA nice call

(May 29-12:10) goose: nice

(May 29-12:10) 13th_FLOOR: the Scott hod list

(May 29-12:10) goose: did u get a position?

(May 29-12:11) 13th_FLOOR: yes ........64 weee

(May 29-12:11) 13th_FLOOR: CAL way jiggy 14

(May 29-12:11) slotmonkey: NAVI

(May 29-12:12) 13th_FLOOR: .66 MESA!

(May 29-12:12) Laura: MESA flying

(May 29-12:13) 13th_FLOOR: INGN even

(May 29-12:13) 13th_FLOOR: MESA oh man .68

(May 29-12:15) 13th_FLOOR: .69999999999999999999999999999999999999999

(May 29-12:15) Laura:

(May 29-12:15) 13th_FLOOR: bust that .70,ha

(May 29-12:15) Laura: wowser

(May 29-12:15) goose: in MESA at .67

(May 29-12:16) 13th_FLOOR:

(May 29-12:16) goose: lets see some magic

(May 29-12:16) Laura: sweet

(May 29-12:16) goose: nice

(May 29-12:17) 13th_FLOOR: .77 I'm sending Scott a few cases of beer for that one

(May 29-12:17) goose: haha

(May 29-12:17) 13th_FLOOR: .80

(May 29-12:17) goose: very nice

(May 29-12:17) goose: ur exit target?

(May 29-12:18) 13th_FLOOR: caught it at .535 on vol spikes off Scott hod list

(May 29-12:18) goose: Huge bid orders

(May 29-12:18) 13th_FLOOR: .90

Here's LGND:

(May 30-11:47) 13th_FLOOR: LGND green from red 2.50 now...pharma stock

(May 30-11:48) sheezo: LGND: buy 13th?

(May 30-11:49) 13th_FLOOR: 2.50 i think good buy on LGND

(May 30-11:54) 13th_FLOOR: LGND bit more,decent vol

(May 30-11:55) sheezo: big spike in LGND?

(May 30-11:58) sheezo: thanks for LGND 13th..

(May 30-11:58) sheezo: it's really going up

(May 30-11:58) Mac400: how much more can it go

(May 30-11:59) sheezo: i'm really happy with 5%

(May 30-11:59) Mac400: yeah

(May 30-12:00) 13th_FLOOR: don't know but trail with tight mental to take profit

(May 30-12:00) sheezo: there are coming big spikes

(May 30-12:02) sheezo: 2.73!!!

(May 30-12:02) sheezo: wooooow

(May 30-12:02) Mac400: props to 13th

(May 30-12:02) 13th_FLOOR: LGND over 2.70

(May 30-12:02) Laura: niceeee

(May 30-12:03) 13th_FLOOR: ahhh just caught off scott hod list and kwen that a a former runner

(May 30-12:03) sheezo: 2.80

(May 30-12:03) 13th_FLOOR: weeeeeeeee

(May 30-12:04) Mac400: how'd u spot this 13th

(May 30-12:04) 13th_FLOOR: (May 30-15:02) 13th_FLOOR: ahhh just caught off scott hod list and kwen that a a former runner

(May 30-12:05) Laura: scottrade hod list, stocks you know pop out at you. LGND has been in play for last few weeks, so when you see on hod list..........

(May 30-12:06) 13th_FLOOR: scott hod list i couldnt live with but you gotta understand i know a ton of potential runners from the past

(May 30-12:06) 13th_FLOOR: instead of reading stock stuff i try to remember symbols from former lists from scans

(May 30-12:12) sheezo: i guess the LGND run is over

(May 30-12:14) 13th_FLOOR: maybe not but dont know but still no cross down on 10/60 chart

(May 30-12:24) slotmonkey: wow LGND is going for 3

(May 30-12:24) sheezo: LGND is 2.94

(May 30-12:24) 13th_FLOOR: LGND more

(May 30-12:25) slotmonkey: talk about a dead cat bounce

(May 30-12:25) 13th_FLOOR: see it didnt down cross on 10/60 pretty reliable

(May 30-12:27) sheezo: this is just sick

(May 30-12:27) losing_money: too late to get in?

(May 30-12:27) Mac400: 3 dollars

(May 30-12:27) 13th_FLOOR: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! over 3

(May 30-12:27) losing_money: trying to learn

(May 30-12:32) 13th_FLOOR: shhezo congrats 2.60

(May 30-12:32) sheezo: thanks to you 13th!

(May 30-12:39) 13th_FLOOR: wow LGND!

(May 30-12:39) 13th_FLOOR: haha

(May 30-12:39) Laura:

(May 30-12:39) sheezo: lol

(May 30-12:39) Laura: both saw on hod list I assume

(May 30-12:39) 13th_FLOOR: funny yeah

(May 30-12:39) sheezo: too early

(May 30-12:39) throbinskin: LGND

(May 30-12:39) 13th_FLOOR: yup we did see

(May 30-12:39) throbinskin: popppppppppppp

(May 30-12:39) sheezo: holy mother!!!!

(May 30-12:39) throbinskin: in 3.5

(May 30-12:39) Laura: good god

(May 30-12:41) sheezo: was this a sqeeze or a news leak?

(May 30-12:41) 13th_FLOOR: love that hod list


13th said...

Muddy drilled this into my head,he said "get another monitor and NEVER take the hod list off it".
Another thing he kept telling me was to learn the former runners,run your scans every night without fail and try to see which ones repeatedly hit them more than a normal stock would.
Took about 6 months but now I know a bunch,slowly but surely they have stuck into my head.

Rick said...

Great Job! I you are lucky to have Muddy teach you :)

Do you know of any other real time streamer like scottrades that show HOD? I use Scottrade, but for some reason none of the Java streaming tools work through my companies proxy.

13th said...

Thanks Rick,

I've heard the upgraded version on ETrade ( pro or elite i think it's called )has it.
Not sure though.

Noobtrader.08 said...

that "chat" is poetry!

nice! =D