Sunday, January 6, 2008

What to Do with Your Day Trading Profits

I posted about the mutual fund CMGFX a couple times on the blog.

I said "2 years ago I took 16 months off from trading other than adding money into CGMFX, a mutual fund I dollar cost average with. ..... But this is what I do. I basically trade off the same $30k account over and over. What is left over at the end of the month after living expenses I roll over into either CGMFX or a few stocks like RRI which I'm into now."

Every month I move my day trading profits into this and a couple other funds. I know some people can manage trading six figure accounts. Myself, I am more comfortable with a smaller amount. I know I can make big returns on smaller plays, and that's my style.

Check out this article about the fund. Up 82% in the last 12 months. Not bad for no work.

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Laura said...


My PRASX gained over 105%.


I agree though, CGMFX is a great mutual fund. I am adding to it monthly also.