Thursday, March 29, 2007

Speaking of loki........

Glad to see you back in the chatroom. Awesome calls the last few days!

Great heads up on KRY yesterday at 10:14 at around $3.25. HOD $4.18!

(Mar 28-10:14) loki3361: KRY spike
(Mar 28-10:15) Muddy: LMRA 2 mil hod
(Mar 28-10:15) bottomlinestocks: LMRA breakout in progress
(Mar 28-10:16) Muddy: KRY 3.35 nice

(Mar 28-10:21) Muddy: Loki,thnks KRY,got it
(Mar 28-10:21) loki3361: kewl, me too
(Mar 28-10:21) Muddy: never saw it
(Mar 28-10:22) Muddy: until you spotted it
(Mar 28-10:22) loki3361: hod list, just caught it as the list was flying at that moment
(Mar 28-10:22) NJ24: me too loki,thank you
(Mar 28-15:02) loki3361: KRY 4


Anonymous said...

do you take into consideration if the volume and price increase is happening considerably below 52w high or around 52w high? They always saylook at the bigger picture. When I see 2years chart of KRY it is well below 52w high but there could be resistane at 4. Whereas when I see BPA or ONT they are at their 52w highs.
Do you consider this biger picture?


M.A.S said...

*pouts* I think im gonna "KRY" nobody gave me a headsup lol..
Hope you have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

I consider the bigger picture at all times.

Anonymous said...

how many stocks do you day trade at one time?

If I may ask, what kind of $ retunrs per month are you looking at? (on average)

I am retiree with $100,000 capital..... I am either going to trade it or invest in a business.

I need about $4,000 per month to "live on".


I realize I miust leanr how to day trade properly. I do not want to treat it like cash machine or get rich quick. But there is so much B*S* out there. What should i do?

Anonymous said...

"how many stocks do you day trade at one time?"

Usually just 1 or 2,no more than 5.

"If I may ask, what kind of $ retunrs per month are you looking at? (on average)"

I strive for 5% a day on my daytrades.
Day to day profits for me varies so much that a monthly average range varies greatly also.
For example an IDMI comes along only every few weeks,if that, so it will increase my weekly average this week above normal.
Striving for 5% and getting 55% on IDMI is over a 10 bagger.

"I realize I miust leanr how to day trade properly."

You must realize I've been trading for over 4 decades,and I've pretty much got it down to a science.
And my tolerance for risk is very high.
Honestly I have no idea what returns you can expect.
In fact if I was new to trading and or daytrading I'd never risk $100,000 daytrading these highly volatile stocks until I was POSITIVE I could make a go of it.