Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Taking TRO's stat scan and adding the 8% momo gain and lost 8% list,2 that I have used with great success for years now, gives me a super arsenal in the battle for the edge.

Here's a screen shot of the 8% gains I had on watch today.
Btw, QSC that you see on it has been on the list since a close of 1.92
And I first picked it up on 11/12 at 1.50 RIGHT OFF THE HOD LIST WITH SURGING VOLUME.
The hod list as you know is invaluable for me

Here's a screen shot of my 8% losers list I had on watch today.
This thing rocked today! 7 double digit gainers today!
Needless to say with these 3 lists I ripped it today.
I said this exactly 1 month ago in my Oct 14 post: "THESE PAST 6 WEEKS HAVE BEEN THE BEST DAYTRADING MARKETS I HAVE EVER SEEN".
And nothing has seemed to change.


biely said...

do you keep this big movers on your WL for 1 day (or until they continue to move 2-3) or do you keep also seperate WL for MZ retracements?

I'm trying to keep MZ retrecements list (keeping them on for 20 days from point they moved 8% and pierced UBB) but it is huge list and it is difficult to monitor it during the day.

What would be your volume criteria to keep MZ retracement on daily WL? (That's how I'm trying to limit them)

Thank you

Anonymous said...

MZ's I use 500,000 vol and average day range(30)above 5%.
I will lower this to 4% or 3% if the list is not to big.

Also I only keep them up to 12 days.