Monday, October 29, 2007

Filters for Finding Runners

The first 2 filters here (written by Avery, aka The Rumpled One) are great for finding stocks that have run in the past and what percentages they have run daily in the past 100 days. Find it here.

Thanks go out to Avery for these filters.


daytrader said...

Yea, he posts lots of stock filters up. One of the plays I kind of enjoy is fade the gap.

Anonymous said...

What is the trick to entering the chat room. I have registrated but the password does not work?



Laura said...


You have signed up 2 accounts. One as sr and one as Sr. You don't give any details of what the problem is, but it sounds like you are inputting the wrong password. The chat does not give you an "incorrect password" message, but just keeps asking you for your password if you enter it incorrectly.

Let me know if you want me to delete your accounts, then you can sign up again.

QUIKTDR said...

Looking at these scans resemble the methods used by

Pradeep uses $5 and 8% gains. I don't use StockFetcher and was wondering whether this scan could be explained in English. I use Telechart 2007.

Thank you in advance!

Laura said...

Hi Q,

Maybe Avery will stop in and help out. But you can still read SF forums if not a member. Most of the code there is in plain English, so maybe you can figure out how to translate it.

Also, Avery used 8% in his filter as he and Muddy go back a ways with trading. He knows that Muddy has been using 8% up for years. Muddy's filters.