Sunday, June 10, 2007


I keep using the same few methods over and over and they continue work year after year.
I've been posting about recent 0 volume stocks for 4 years now and how once they get attention from the street they have the possibility to be fliers.

RVNG a 0 volume on 5/23 has had an incredible 7 day run since 5/31 after HITTING 1.8 MILLION SHARES FROM THE PREVIOUS DAYS 10K VOLUME.
That is a huge leap in vol but amazingly on Friday it had its highest volume day yet,6.5 million!

In that 7 day period the price has gone from .78 to 1.54

If you look to the right on the blog under "important posts" you'll see "Former Zero Volume Stocks".
It's been up there from the start of the blog,this angle can be a huge edge and you won't find it on many blogs but for myself it's one of my favorite methods of all time.


Anonymous said...

I watch the 0 volume fliters on Stockfetcher almost everyday. I can't for the life of me pick a stock to buy prior to the run up. Do you have any suggestions for modifying the filter to narrow it down, I normally always get 100+ stocks and I can narrow that down to ~50 fairly easy. However, picking 1-5 stocks out of the 50 has been challenging.

Muddy said...

I'd say you are going at this backwards.

What I do is simply run a GAINED 8%+ filter and look at the charts of the stocks I don't recognize and look for recent 0 volume days.
RVNG would have been found on 6/1 this way.
If you are really serious about this you should also run a INCREASE of 500%+ volume in the last 1 day filter and scan the ones you don't recognize for recent 0 volume day/s.
RVNG would have been found on 5/31 with this method.

The way I find them cuts the charting down to almost nothing compared to how you are doing it.