Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stock Watch: 1/22/07 CDIC

I've posted CDIC on my stocks to watch post prior to reading the discussions here today. Please read the recent post, RE: Squeeze/Volume/Breakouts and the stockfetcher forum for discussions regarding this topic. Based on those discussions, I believe that CDIC is a stock to watch.

CDIC 1/19/2007

I was able to catch CDIC during the day on Friday, 1/19/07, when TRIX(5,3) crossed above its EMA. CDIC made an 18% gain on Friday with volume of 1.6 million vs a 90 day average of 150 thousand shares.

HUGE volume - check
White candle being pierced by the UBB - check

[EDIT]1/22/07 Market Close: CDIC failed to hold GREEN, closed down 2.56% on below average volume.

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