Tuesday, January 9, 2007


The 10/60 cross,going green,knowing some favorite stocks,even dollar mark crosses,SIMPLE stuff like that.
This from yesterdays chat:

(12:57) Muddy: Elle,FMDAD finally green 1.69

(13:22) Muddy: FMDAD just crossed 10/60 1.8

If you look at a chart you'll see the volume spikes coming in there.

Then today:

(Jan 09-12:03) Muddy: we mentioned FMDAD yest,steady up near 2 now

(Jan 09-12:03) Muddy: old symbol FMDAY

(Jan 09-12:06) Muddy: just popped over 2

From there it went an unreal hod 3.70 !

And from yesterdays:

(11:26) Muddy: GOAM 7.5 ( i know this stock very well over the years as a potential bigtime runner with vol spikes,it had just gone green at 7.35,off lod EVEN 7)

(11:27) Muddy: to 8 (in a minute!)

(12:09) Muddy: GOAM 8 cross (there's the even mark cross)

(12:49) Muddy: do you see GOAM 10/60 cross today (the cross came at 7.70 and with a volume spike to boot!)

(13:00) Elle: yeah, GOAM is great runner (few times a year!)

(13:00) Muddy: yes sure is (and we KNOW this stock)

(13:23) Muddy: Elle,GOAM looks coiled

(13:24) Muddy: bid/ask flipping (watching price action)

It closed at 10.30

These kind are not rare at all,in fact if you go to Mondays log you'll see FMDAD and GOAM we are talking about them running at the SAME time of day!

Check out Thursdays, ,Fridays and Mondays log for MEMY.

This stock gave big profits on 3 straight days from SIMPLE STUFF

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